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Gino Rubert (Mexico, 1969) is the Catalan artist who, as is tradition, illustrates the covers of the best-selling series that began with "Men who did not love women". From Stieg Larsson and that goes in his fifth installment.


Since 2008 Destino publishing house has been collaborating with the artist Gino Rubert to develop the covers of the Millenium trilogy (yes you read that well, it is a trilogy that goes for the fifth installment) based on paintings that already existed and that are part of the artist's production. 

Sutil / dibujo original a tres lápices sobre papel

Dibujo original, forma parte de una serie de apuntes realizados a dos o tres puntas que el artista produjo en su estudio de ampurias en 2017

900,00 €

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