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The collaboration between Arte Aurora and ARsumito Development launches a first product in beta phase called ARteffect. It is an application for mobile devices of Augmented Reality that allows the user to visualize any image as if it were a three-dimensional object fixed to the wall. This means that it allows us to observe the art in our immediate environment as if we had it physically there. We can look at it visually without the need of using any nails or fixtures. This helps us to visualise and determine how the piece/artwork would look in the environment and with the rest of our collection and furniture.


The app also adapts to the qualities and lighting conditions of the room. It is extraordinarily realistic, being able to make screen impressions that are highly illustrative of how the pieces are related to each other and very practical to make informed decisions when acquiring art, either through a photo obtained in any way and through the online art market.


The platform has already established this technology for some mobile devices and Arte Aurora together with ARsumito are developing the application for the local platform of Barcelona: which will work on all devices, both IOS and Android.