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Guillermo Pfaff


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The work of Guillermo Pfaff centers its practice in the study of the pictorial fact, imposing a reflexion on the very essence of painting. His work gravitates between the assertion and the questioning of plastic language.


On supports such as paper and fabric Pfaff reaches the pic of the creative curve after extensive investigative work, fundamental for his process. His work is intended to be the consequence of that method.


Previous exhibitions:

- Museo de Montserrat. Cataluña, España. 2017

- Exposición. Heinrich Ehrhardt. Madrid. 2016.

- Contemporary Art Fair. Art New York, Carles Taché Gallery. New York. 2016.

- Lighting. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona. 2015.

- Contemporary Art Fair.(solo show) Istanbul. 2015.